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Project Description


There are three key sections on the Inspiring Purpose programme and you can find a range of support resources to help you throughout the poster guide section.

Values and Qualities
The first section asks you and your partner to reflect on the character attributes. Discuss and then rank them in order of importance to you. Then write about the key strength / quality that is most important to you both. You should do this for each of the four different boxes in this section.

The next sections ask you to reflect on their source of inspiration; these sections include asking about a favourite war poem, an inspirational story/person and inspirational quotes. This gives you and your partner the opportunity to reflect on a role model or other story that inspires you both or that you feel relates to you.

The final section asks you to reflect on your research into World War 1 and what new things you have learned about yourself, about each other and about the world. Think about what you are grateful for in life and how valuable your time is. Then reflect on what you have learned from and about each other throughout the completion of the poster.

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