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Project Description


What has your research taught you about the value of life?
– How do you think you would have reacted during World War One?
– Can you see the similarities and differences between your life now and someone like you during World War One at that time?
– Do you think knowing more about this terrible period of history has made you more appreciative of things? Shelter, food, clean clothes, peace, school?

What have you learned from and about each other in the process?
– What characteristics and values have you learned about each other?
– Have you learned something new that you didn’t know about your partner?
– Has your discussions and talks with each other brought you closer together?

What is your vision for a more peaceful world and how will you help bring this to life?
– Create your own future by developing your vision and acting on your plans and decisions.
– Will you use any of the characteristics and values that you listed in section one to achieve your dreams and future goals?
– Will you use inspiration from your role-models or from history to achieve your aspirations?

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