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Project Description

Courage and Confidence

If you are struggling to identify your strengths, why not take the VIA survey?

1. Look at the qualities in the box, discuss with your partner and rank these in the order of importance, with No. 1 being the most important quality to you.
2. Select the quality you ranked No. 1  to you and write a short statement that explains the quality and why it is important to you. Provide an example of how you display it in everyday life. Your partner will also do this in their box.

Honest  I always tell the truth even when it is hard to do so.
Confident  I am outgoing and relate easily to others.
Resilient  I recover quickly from setbacks or failures.
Bold   I take risks in my decisions and actions even if it is scary.
Positive I look for the good in every situation.
Resourceful  I am creative and think of new ways of doing things.
Trustworthy  People can trust me and rely on me.
Loyal  People can trust me and know that i’m always there for them when i am needed.

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