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This is the part that requires a bit of research, but remember to discuss with your partner and learn from each other then make a joint decision on your story or person. The following links might be of some use to you in finding out about some of the important and inspiring figures of World War One:

Never Such Innocence – have some great resources and ideas for both poems and people Click Here.
Biography Online has a “Famous People of the First World War” section Click Here.
Inspirational Women of WWI Click Here.
– Websites like Ancestry and Family Search could provide you with family trees and help you identify ancestors who may have fought in the First World War.
– You will find many local universities may have information on WWI enlisted students or staff, St Andrew’s University and the University of Glasgow are two such examples
– Perhaps your favourite sport has resources dedicated to their players? There is an example of rugby Click Here

To help you with your research here are some suggestions of where you could look:
– You could ask your family about any relatives that might have served in the War, maybe they are your inspirational figure?
– Have you been to a battlefield on a school trip or holiday? Could you tell a story about what you learnt?
– Has the place you live got a local war memorial? Maybe there were previous students at your school/organisation that served in the war? Perhaps your school has its own war memorial?
– Do you have a favourite sport? You could see if any notable sporting players served during the War, rugby in particular saw a large amount of players serve on the Western Front during the World War, are there other sports with similar stories to tell?
Once you have chosen your inspirational figure, discuss why they are inspirational. What virtues and values do they demonstrate? Why do you admire them? Were they brave? Courageous? Committed? Kind? Do they have values and characteristics that you would someday like to live up to?
Write a brief introduction and explain who your inspirational figure or story is then tell us why it’s inspiring for you.

It’s not all about writing, however! You can use drawings, pictures or any other resources to help you choose, research and show your inspirational figure/story.

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