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Welcome to your guide to completing Inspiring Purpose: Between the Generations!

There are 6 key sections you and your partner will need to complete during this activity: Virtues and Values, Favourite WW1 Poem, Inspiring Story/Person, Inspiring Quotes, Photo/Painting and Reflection. You can use our detailed poster guide below to walk you through the Between the Generations process and complete the sections.

If you haven’t received your poster yet, we have a downloadable e-version which can be completed using Microsoft Word, you will receive this instantly once you complete the form on the ‘Apply‘ page.

Go through the steps below with your partner and get started with making your mark!

“I have learned more about my virtues and values and how they represent me as a person. I have learned a bit about my family history and how my family were involved in World War 1. Through our chosen poem i have also learned how life is important.”

Molly Walker, Junior Participant

“It has been good to spend time working with my daughter on this project and discussing the large themes that it entails, which we’ve not discussed before. I learned she has mature views for her age. It was also nice to revisit some of the war poetry that i remember studying at school. As an adult they were easier to comprehend and relate to, compared to when i was a teenager.”

John Beattie, Senior Participant

“I have learned that there are people out there in this world who always put others before themselves, for example Edith Cavell. Life must have been difficult in the world war which makes me appreciate my life more.”

Steven Rae, Junior Participant